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The Twelfth National Exhibition of Fine Arts

Release time:2017-09-28     Author:佚名

Hold by the Chinese Ministry of Culture,Chinese art association,The 12th national Exhibition of Fine art&Exhibition of fine art awards,Itinerant Exhibition of Shanxi will be starting from 2015.4.17 in Taiyuan Art Museum.

National painting,oil painting,wood block print,and water colour painting,totally 250 will be display in exhibition,7 pieces of art work are offered gold award.The 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts advocates the creation orientation based on the people,pays attention to the development and progress of the time and the tradition conveys the value concept and cultured ideal,which is positive.

The exhibition is expect to convey artistic feelings of loving the nation,the people and the life,boast the image of social development,economic prosperity,cultural progress and the well-off life and represent the mainstream tendency of creation,research and exploration in the Chinese artistic circles.