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The exhibition of Taiyuan Art Museum collection opens today

Release time:2017-09-28     Author:佚名


The exhibition of“Taiyuan Art Museum collection”opens in 2015.1.15.This exhibition includes national painting,calligraphy,sculpture,total 50 works by 7 artists.These works are from Master Xingyun(calligraphy),Mr.Cui Ruzhuo,national famous painter(national painting),Mr.Wu Weishan,the curator of the national art museum(sculpture),Zhang Xiyu(sculpture),and Shanxi famous calligrapher Yuan Xuelin,Li Yuanmao.Also,apart of are display in this exhibition.We can see the tradition and development of Chinese art in this exhibition.

Until now,Tai Yuan Art Museum collect more than a hundred collection,which are all historical and high art value objects.Art not only can educate people but also enrich our life and make a better life style.Taiyuan Art museum help to transform the“Art”into our life.