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“The 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition & the Prize-winning Artwork Exhibition of China Fine Arts Award and Creation Award” will be on tour in Taiyuan

Release time:2017-09-28     Author:佚名

After the National Fine Arts Exhibition held in 2014,Taiyuan will host another important event,that is,“the 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition&the Prize-winning Artwork Exhibition of China Fine Arts Award and Creation Award”tour of Shanxi province will be held in Taiyuan Art Museum from April 17th to May 7th in 2015.

This tour will exhibit 250 pieces of prize-winners of all kinds of fine arts including Chinese painting,oil painting,engraving,watercolor painting,etc.from the 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition.Among them,some Gold Prize winners such as“The Lasting Affection”,“30 Years Old”,“Carved on the Great Northern Wilderness Land”and“People in the Treasure-Show Festival”have attracted substantial publicity as the best works.

For the first time,the national fine arts prize-winning artwork will be on tour in Shanxi,which will give a free opportunity for fine arts workers,art lovers and ordinary people to appreciate the best national fine arts works for the last five years.Undoubtedly this event will become a great chance to observe and learn from the excellent national fine arts creation.

Not long ago,the number of visitors during the National Fine Arts Sculpture Exhibition in Taiyuan Art Museum reached nearly 10,000 people every day,which must have given you a deep impression.Now,with far more various art forms and much better creation skills,the tour comes to us once again.Take the chance and don’t miss it!

In the spring sunshine of April,see you there in Taiyuan Art Museum!

For more fine arts information,please visit Taiyuan Fine Arts Gallery official website and official Wechat platform.We are looking forward to your participation.

Gold Prize winners in the 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition


Chinese painting--by Chen、Zhi、Wu、Xin(Tianjian)

172cm X 200cm


Engraving--<30 years="" old="">by Peng Wei(Chongqing)

120cm x 80cm


watercolor painting--by Xu Haigang(Hubei)

156cm x 150cm


Lacquer painting--by Zhang Yuhui(Fujian)