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Preview: Taiyuan Art Museum Collection

Release time:2017-09-28     Author:佚名

Exhibition Time:2015.1.15-2015.2.8

Exhibition Hall:Room5,Room6

Host:Taiyuan Art Museum

Organizer:Taiyuan Art Museum


  The exhibition of“Taiyuan Art Museumcollection”will be open in 2015.1.15.This exhibitionincludesnationalpainting,calligraphy,sculpture,total 50 works by 7 artists.These works are from Master Xingyun(calligraphy),Mr.Cui Ruzhuo,national famous painter(national painting),Mr.Wu Weishan,the curator of the national art museum(sculpture),Zhang Xiyu(sculpture),and Shanxi famous calligrapher Yuan Xuelin,Li Yuanmao.Also,apart of are display in this exhibition.