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Exhibition Guide

一.Installation requirements
1.To display the relevant publicity materials, the name of Taiyuan art museum should be used correctly.
2.The exhibit should strictly comply with the import time, time into the hall, completed on time arrangement of the preparations for the exhibition.
3.When the exhibits enter the art museum, they must abide by the management regulations of the exhibition hall, such as security, fire control, etc., and need to go through the relevant procedures of the art museum Safety Engineering Department.
4.The exhibit staff need to submit a copy of ID card, telephone to the Taiyuan Museum of art integrated office for temporary work documents, the staff need admission.
5.When entering the art gallery, go through the safety engineering department.
6.If you need to do publicity and advertising facilities outside the venue and within the business district, you should go to the Taiyuan Changfeng Commercial Management Center for relevant procedures. (Taiyuan City Changfeng business district management center Tao Yuanke telephone:0351-6329335)
二.The exhibit notes
1.Exhibitors for special exhibition, exhibition hall, change the structure placed appliances, such as billboards, in advance to safety engineering of Taiyuan Art Museum Security Department submitted, approved before construction.
2.If you need to use mobile exhibition boards, you must submit an application to the Taiyuan art museum's curatorial department in advance, and do not move by yourself. If the damaged panels will be liable for damage.
3.The layout plan of all public areas in the art museum(It includes main entrance and exit billboards, advertising banners at the entrance of each exhibition hall and public area corridor)should be submitted to the curatorial department for review before it can be implemented.
4.Provide professional products for the use of the museum(A hook, line, etc) to Museum of art integrated office debit procedures, if lost, damaged, need to pay for.
5.If you need to use the art museum, LED screen and other equipment, you need to advance to the art museum general office to apply for and relevant procedures.
6.The stone wall is pasted billboards, please use the display rack. No sponge shall be used on the wall of the exhibition hall. If necessary, the nail shall be used instead of the glue on the stone floor, and the ground protection of the exhibition hall shall be done.
7.The use of Showcase exhibition hall, in the art museum, curatorial department, accompanied by professional staff, showcase opening, moving, closing and so on.
8.Keep clean inside the hall during the exhibition, to clean up the garbage.
9.Before the exhibition, exhibition equipment, electrical equipment and units in the exhibition hall exhibition unit of electrical lighting, installation of power plant, to the safety engineering security application, after checking the load utility construction can.
10.Inside the hall of the exhibition set, must comply with fire safety regulations, display exhibition wall, exhibition, advertising or other items, shall not affect the function of the fire control facilities or in any form of occupation safety door, fire protection equipment, safety channel position.
11.Exhibit unit set-up time:From 8:30 to 17:00 every morning.Please move each unit to complete the exhibit in the allotted time. If you need to work overtime, please apply in advance to the general office of the art gallery.
三.The show notes
1.Exhibitors in accordance with the agreement on the show, not in advance or back leaving time, if there are special circumstances, in advance to submit an application to the Taiyuan Museum of art integrated office.
2.When the articles are out of the museum, they should advance to the art museum security engineering security department for relevant procedures, and the security office may check out before leaving the museum list.
3.Please move the unit in dismantling to take good care of their goods, in case of loss. Stealing from others is a theory of stealing.
4.Show to safety engineering Security Department filing, and both sides of the hall were examined after use.
5.Advertisements posted in the museum should be cleaned after the exhibition and notify the safety engineering support department of the museum to check.
6.Public area, exhibition hall, all sign painting billboards and other items, please remove and clean, keep clean inside the hall, to clean up the garbage, completed dismantling only after the museum staff check before departure.
四.Communication mode
1.Taiyuan Museum of art exhibition Tel:0351-6079662

download《Application registration form of Taiyuan Art Museum Exhibition》


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