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Taiyuan Museum was founded in 2010, open to the public in 2013, located in Chang Feng business distract.The building with 10 exhibition halls, two large and eight stander(basic), and covers an area of more than 32075 square meters, ground exhibition area covers an area 27255 square meters, and low ground covers 4820 square meters. Opening hall, lecture room, meeting hall, study room, art shop, cafe , workshop, kids club, mounting and repair room which are including. The Museum building is design by preston scott cohen ,the Gerald M. McCue Professor of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design he cooperated with PSC design company in the UK and Dongnan University Architectural school to complete work。The architectural style which inspired by characteristic of Shanxi Jinzhong terraced landscape, beautiful cave and elegance design has been transform into the building, keeps the spirit of Shanxi

The robust development of Taiyuan Art Museum benefits from the supports of the government, achieve the goal of “art coming from people”, museum can educated people and bring the “art” into their everyday life.

The museum has established itself as an important shire of art, bringing aesthetic education to the people,bring aesthetic deduction to people. In order to provide better cultural service for the public.Taiyuan Art Museum is the first art museum in Shanxi to establish public Art deduction department and organize interns and volunteer to participate in public culture education. More over, the museum enhances public education programs,innovate service and develops Taiyuan Art Museum into a cultural homeland.

To meet requirements of national cultural development, Taiyuan has received high attention from government. Taiyuan Art Museum which not only reflect development and changes (prosperity) of Shanxi Art, Chinese art , but also provide an important platform of artistic exchange between China and world.