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Visitor Guide

1、Free opening:The exhibition is free of charge throughout the year. If the fees are special, please refer to the website of this museum( announcement.
2、Opening Hours:Tuesday to Sunday 9:00—17:00(16:30 Stop entry),Monday break(Open as usual during legal holidays).
3、No smoking in the museum, no eating in the exhibition area.
4、Prohibited weapons, weapons, flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods and pets into the Museum.
5、Civilized, polite, and well groomed. Keep order in the museum and pay attention to cleanliness.
6、Protect the facilities in the museum. Please keep a distance from the exhibits when you visit. Please do not touch or damage the exhibits. Obey the staff management, please do not clamor, chase, slapstick.
7、It is strictly forbidden to engage in business activities in the Museum.
8、Please do not photograph or copy the exhibits without permission.
9、Please keep valuables carefully.
10、In case of major tasks, suspension of opening.
11、In case of large number of visitors, to ensure safety, limit the number of visitors.
12、Foreign vehicles shall not be parked in the area.
(The right to interpret it belongs to Taiyuan Art Museum)


The service guide

Museum Hours:Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 - 17:00 (No Entry after 16:30);Closed onMonday (Open onLegal Holidays)